Personal Injury

Personal Injury

MIT Solicitors is a leading personal injury law firm all across the United Kingdom because of its success rate in its personal injury cases.

If you have been involved in an accident you consider not to be your fault, you have a right to claim compensation for your personal injury, Immediately Call MIT Solicitors on 01204 291533 and tell us how and where the accident took place, accidents can be in any form it can be a traffic accident or an accident at a work place which is the employer’s negligence. Upon you notifying us about the incident you have been involved in we will tell you in minutes if you can gain compensation or not.

At MIT Solicitors we have skilled and experienced solicitors that guide you on your way to justice. We exercise and practice all our best joint legal expertise and experience to get the maximum possible results and success for individuals injured in accidents, with no fault of their own.

The following types of injury claims are assisting by MIT Solicitors which include:

– Accidents at work
– Road traffic collisions
– Motorcycle accidents
– Uninsured drivers and hit and run accidents
– Accidents in public and defective products
– Office accidents
– Serious injury
– Injuries and accidents in shops
– Construction and building site accidents
– Motorbike and motorcycle accidents
– Gym accidents and injuries
– Hotel injuries and accidents