MIT Solicitors has a very experienced team in the area of matrimonial and family law, as it prides itself on offering excellent service while remaining sensitive to our clients’ needs and concerns. Matrimonial law issues can prove to pose difficult issues to parties involved.

Our friendly culture at Bolton ensures that we deal with our matrimonial law clients so that they are comfortable with the services being offered. Our experienced family law team are well equipped in offering you sound and practical advice to ensure we achieve the best possible results for our client. We are committed to the conciliatory approach set out by The Law Society’s Resolution and Family Law Codes.

Our family law team can help with negotiations and, if necessary, court proceedings for such family law issues as:

– Marriage
– Marriage
– Judicial separation
– Nullity
– Dissolution of partnership
– Divorce and financial relief
– Disputes of property between unmarried couples
– Transfer of tenancies and other financial issues
– Children contact and residence issues
– Special guardianship and Adoption
– Responsibility Agreement related to parental issues

We always try our best to encourage our clients to resolve disputes by advising them on every single stage of the case about the merits and cost of a contested hearing and negotiated settlement. In this way we are able to keeps our legal fees less and give full control to the client on their legal costs simultaneously.

MIT Solicitors protect the rights of their clients and their children of the family, where the issues are domestic violence which includes psychological, financial and emotional abuses. However If disputes cannot be settled amicably, we will ensure that it will done through the court to get the maximum settlement for our clients.