Landlord & Tenant

Landlord and Tenant

As a Landlord or a Tenant with an interest in a rented property, dealing with a housing problem can be a stressful and an expensive experience. You may have moved into your property and discovered there are lots of problems with repairs. Alternatively, you may let your property to tenants who refuse to pay rent. MIT Solicitor’s landlord and tenant solicitors can advise you with the following problems:

– Tenancy status and your rights, e.g. if you are given a notice to leave your property and are unsure on what to do next.
– Representation at court to those defending possession proceedings or eviction notices.
– To those who have purchased property under a long lease, advice on disputes regarding service charges or management of the building and advice on lease extensions.
– Representation at court to those wishing to obtain compensation for disrepair and those who need repairs carried out.
– Emergency injunctions if required.
– Assistance in respect of deposits which are disputed/not returned by the Landlords.
– Notices to evict Tenants who breach any aspects of the Housing Act 1988